Listening to Occupy Wall Street

Ethical Markets Reforming Global Finance, Advisors' Forum

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I went down to Liberty Park Plaza this week (bought and renamed Zuccotti Park in 2006) to listen, to show my support and empathy for the peaceful demonstrators, and to learn first hand what Occupy Wall Street is about. I wanted to see if I could build a relationship with some of the organizers, which I did. I was right not to trust what one sees in the press. To understand OWS requires time, listening not shouting—both missing from modern media’s sound bite world.
“What do they want?” is not the right question, not if it needs to be asked. That’s a question for interest groups working their battle plans within the system. That’s the question the media and our elite politicians from the left and the right want to ask and answer, putting complex issues in pre-existing boxes.
OWS as I understand it today, is building a civil disobedience movement of everyday people that are fed up with “Wall Street’s” corrupting influence on our DemocracyRead more