Listening to constituents; solutions to homelessness; generating positive externalities

Jay Owen Green Prosperity

                                 August 19, 2021




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The Problem of Social Benefit

By Frank Nagle

Economists have obsessed over the question of negative externalities, but market arrangements can also generate positive externalities. We should consider how to harness them for public good.






Book Review: Homelessness
Innovations That Might Work

By Gary Painter

Ten Global Cities features a range
of interventions that can, through
dedicated collaboration, provide solutions to homelessness.

Open Social Innovation

By Johanna Mair & Thomas Gegenhuber

A new approach to tackling social
problems orchestrates the
participation of multiple stakeholders
in the process from generating ideas
to scaling solutions.



How Listening to Constituents Can Lead to Systems Change

By Mary Marx, Lymari Benitez, Yessica Cancel & Katie Smith Milway

Listening to participants allows nonprofits to go beyond the “what” of change to the “how and why,” the first step toward changing unjust systems.