Let’s Fire The Economical Bullets for the Love of Egypt

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Dear Dr.Kamal / Dr.Rasmy,

Based on the current situation Ii have found that as a young entrepreneur me and my partners have a social responsibility towards Egypt , so we are thinking of launching an event that tell the youth you don’t need to wait to get employed you to need to start thinking how to find your business and discover your hidden talents and become an entrepreneur to start their own business , my vision for this event to be like that of the annual events of the Canadian entrepreneurs , American entrepreneur and so on …

The philosophy based on the idea of Economical bullets : “Any bullet has a source and destination , it has very high speed to reach it’s target and break anything in it’s path so we need our youth and my generation to be the economical bullets that have specific target which is to rise with the Egyptian economy”

What I need on my Agenda to apply this idea is as follows :

We need your various connections to get support from sponsors like any business men , any organizations , any bank as the banks declare that they support the young entrepreneur.
We need to find a place for that event like : (International Conference Building in Nasr City) ???? ????????? if possible.
We need to get to the media like the national TV , El Mehware or Dream TV to make public awareness
For sure i thought of you giving sessions about the future of economics in Egypt and strategic thinking and how to help those youth to read the economical map and for sure it would be my honor to join you by speaking about entrepreneurship as a science , i can support international speakers about emotional intelligence to help youth discover their talents using scientific techniques
from my side i will prepare benefit package for the sponsors as this event might be an advertising channel for them.
i am hopping for attendance between 1000 to 5000 person and if we can manage more why not
as for the organizing we are getting help from social community at FCI called SCCI they are known for the quality of their events and experience they have attendance rate of 200 members ( i am making contact calls with them) from my side me and my partners at our company we will arrange between all parts , create logo and slogan and all the designing materials , creating website for the event and registration will be dynamic as well as online advertising for the event as well as printed materials
The event should be free of charge for attendance and the attendance will be based on the registered people only with invitations and name tags.
I hope that if we succeeded it would be the corner stone for the Egyptian Young Entrepreneurs Conference .

I hope that you would be interested i am ready with my agenda when we can meet to arrange that.

NB: The event has no political views at all , just a stand up from our youth to support our economy to get back

Please visit that link to see what my vision is like :

Best Regards
Nour El Deen Reda

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