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B Corp Best of the World

New Loan – Regional Access

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The primary role of money is to serve the highest intentions of the human spirit.


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May 2013

B Corp Best for the World 2013

The B Corp Best for the World List recognizes those companies creating the most positive overall social and environmental impact. This year 67 businesses scored in the 10% of all B Corps and RSF Social Finance made the list!

We would like to thank B Corp for making such an honor possible and recognize all of the other amazing organizations we’re proud to be in the company of.

To learn more about all of the Best for the World B Corps and their impact, check out the B Corps website or the coverage on Bloomberg Businessweek.

New Loan to Regional Access

RSF Social Finance is pleased to announce a new loan to Regional Access Inc., a wholesale food distributor focused on creating a sustainable regional food system. RSF financing will support the growth of Regional Access, including its expanding marketing and sales efforts, and the establishment of a new satellite facility closer to key markets. Read more

Can Finance be Restorative?

What does it mean to transform the way the world works with money? What does it mean to build a new economy?

We consider these questions, and more, in the Spring issue of the RSF Quarterly. Hear from localist leader Judy Wicks, Arno Hesse (Slow Money founding member), and Vince Siciliano (CEO New Resource Bank), on how they’re using money as a tool for social and environmental good. Download the full issue

Impact Investment: Money Management + Social Action

by Anne Pyburn Craig

It’s safe to say that a great many of us would love to see a better world, and work in our own ways to hasten its arrival—greening our lives, teaching peace, striving to avoid making things worse. We might daydream of having a foundation at our fingertips, being able to aid the struggle in significant ways with the stroke of a pen, but few of us exist at the rarified level of, say, Bill and Melinda Gates. But it’s usually necessary to tend what funds we do have with care


BALLE: Community Capital Gathering

The businesses that we most want to succeed suffer from a lack of access to capital, while at the same time, so many of us struggle to invest in what we believe.  Capital is not enough.  We need both capital and connections to create the foundation of a resilient community and the opportunities for capital to be put to work. On June 12, join local economy funders, investors, financial institutions, and other experienced community capital catalysts interested in re-shaping the financial capital system.

This is a special event preceding the 2013 BALLE conference. Click here to learn more and be sure to use this validation code BALLEComCap13 when registering.

People’s Community Market – More than a Grocery Store

A community can’t thrive without good food. Over 25,000 residents in West Oakland, CA don’t have easy access to fresh foods, affordable groceries and positive social settings in their neighborhood. People’s Grocery (an RSF grantee) is working to address this problem by building a neighborhood grocery store that helps West Oakland families thrive by offering affordable, quality fresh foods, health services and a place for community building and recreation. They are currently fundraising with a Direct Public Offering. If you are a California resident, become a Founding Shareholder, with a minimum investment of $1,000. Click here to learn more

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Now Hiring: Director of Credit and Portfolio Management

RSF Social Finance seeks to hire a full-time Director of Credit and Portfolio Management. The ideal candidate must have  a minimum of 12 years of commercial transaction lending experience. Click here to learn more about this job and other open positions at RSF.

Upcoming Events

May 8-9Investors’ Circle Spring 2013 Venture Fair & Forum, San Francisco, CA
May 15Conscious Leadership and Your Relationship with Money, Los Angeles, CA
May 19-22Social Enterprise Alliance National Summit, Minneapolis, MN
June 5-9Social Change Institute, Cortes Island, BC
June 12BALLE Community Capital Pre-Conference, Buffalo, NY
Jun 11-14BALLE Conference, Buffalo, NY
June 17RSF Pricing Meeting Reception, San Francisco, CA
June 25-27Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders Annual Forum, Providence, RI