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Fix the economy to fix climate change



Together with the transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency, the circular economy is a key part of the solution to climate change. Transforming how we use materials and manage land, by transitioning to a circular economy, will help address the 45% of greenhouse gas emissions that come from how we make and use products and food.



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+100 leading businesses call for Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging

For the first time, more than 100 businesses in the packaging value chain, together with more than 50 other organisations, have publicly recognised that without Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), packaging collection and recycling is unlikely to be meaningfully scaled and tens of millions of tonnes of packaging will continue to end up in the environment every year. Our statement and position paper on the need for EPR for packaging was launched on 15th June, on The Circular Economy Show, where we heard from the Chilean Ministry of the Environment, OECD, and Unilever.


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Ellen MacArthur and Audrey Choi of Morgan Stanley on designing a circular economy


“It has to be true systemic change – that involves companies, consumers, policymakers and finance, working towards a common goal. It takes all of us.” Hear from Dame Ellen MacArthur in conversation with Audrey Choi, Chief Sustainability Officer at Morgan Stanley, one of the Foundation’s Finance initiative Partners about designing an economy that keeps materials in use.


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Trailer: Circular food systems in East Africa



What does a circular economy for food look like when applied to the East Africa region? In Kenya and Uganda, farmers and entrepreneurs are creating profits and protecting nature by embracing the circular economy. The Foundation has produced five films to showcase circular food systems in East Africa. The films will be available from 8th July onwards on our digital channels.



That’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us at Summit 21


Thank you to everyone who joined us at Summit 21. We were delighted to welcome a great range of speakers over the 8th to 10th June and host a series of insightful and inspiring conversations. All three sessions are now available on catch-up — so please do watch any you may have missed and share the links with your friends and colleagues, or on social media, using the #EMFSummit21 hashtag. The sessions can be watched with Portuguese and Spanish subtitles.


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Other news from the Foundation

  • The US Plastics Pact launched its Roadmap to 2025, setting out specific actions, responsibilities, and timeframes towards achieving its targets to create a circular economy for plastic. It brings together nearly 100 stakeholders across the plastics packaging value chain, aligned on four targets to address plastic waste at its source. More about the US Plastics Pact
  • Take a look at our latest case studies for real-world examples of the circular economy in action. Groupe Renault’s Re-Factory — Europe’s first dedicated circular economy factory for vehicles