Last Week in ILSR’s Energy Self-Reliant States

Jay Owen Resource Efficiency

Last week, we took time to work on some detailed projects, although we snuck in an interview on the Building Local Power podcast with Rep. Seth Berry from Maine, about legislation to transform the utility into a public power entity that would allow more competitive access to the grid.

Also, we’ve got several features that keep getting updates behind the scenes. Here’s some of ILSR’s Energy Democracy best content:

  • The Community Power Map provides an interactive comparison of state policies and clean, local energy success. For example, check out which states have community solar policies and click through to get a program summary!
  • The interactive Community Power Toolkit explores how cities have advanced local clean energy through stories and case studies.
  • How Big Utilities Are Impeding Clean Energy, and What We Can Do About It – a report that explores the problem of monopoly power in the electricity sector.
  • Local Energy Rules – a podcast sharing powerful stories about local renewable energy. Check out 135 episodes, including interviews with city leaders about clean energy, analysis of utility political power, and discussions of the best policies to advance our renewable energy future. (Stitcher | Apple podcasts)

Keep your energy local,

P.S. Check out the NAACP’s Equitable Solar Policy Principles released last week, with collaboration from many great clean energy advocates:
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