Last Week in ILSR’s Energy Self-Reliant States

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, Community Development Solutions

Last week, we published our quarterly power plant capacity update. Bottom line, there were fewer fracked gas power plants opening and steady growth in distributed solar. Check out the chart below for a quick insight. 

Big project update: do you work on rooftop solar? Local climate action? Our interactive Community Power Toolkit is getting an overhaul and we’d like your tips. What’s your favorite example of local power? What city is getting things right? What’s happening that others might be missing? 

Keep an eye out: the 80th episode of the Local Energy Rules podcast comes out this week, celebrating energy independence in the home of liberty, Philadelphia.

Keep your energy local,

P.S. Grocery market monopolization? ILSR’s new report reveals that Walmart captures 50 percent or more of grocery sales in 43 metropolitan markets. 

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