Kickstarter Pulls Plug on Campaign After Backers’ Claims of Fraud

Jay Owen Crowdfunding

What Motivates the Crowd to Participate?

Every day, people face thousands of choices on how to spend their time on the web. Given the huge amount of options that people have to allocate their time, why do a growing number of people participate on crowdsourcing sites?

Dwolla Partners with Fiverr, Offers Free Gigs

Fiverr and Dwolla announced a partnership last week that gives its users access to (essentially) free gig. Take a look at how to get free work done.

Indiegogo to Launch Online Education Resource ‘Playbook’

Indiegogo, one of the best-known crowdfunding platforms around, announced recently the upcoming launch of “Indiegogo Playbook,” an online education resource that’s meant to help campaign owners succeed in funding their projects, as well as a “Global Crowdfunding Resource Network.”

Google Lets the Crowd Create Street View ‘Constellations’

google maps is already known for being friendly to the crowd, and a new feature makes it even easier for users to contribute to the mapping tool.

Two Good Blogs for Pre- and Post-Launch Insights

Preparation is key to crowdfunding success. The clever crowdfunder, writes Rose Spinelli, prepares well in advance for the pre-launch stretch and the post-funding reward delivery phases. But what exactly can one do to prepare for those two periods? Spinelli highlights two blogs that can help answer that question.

CrowdConsult: The Intelligent Knowledge Networking Tool

Passbrains’ partner Starmind was a prize-winner at the recent Swiss ICT Awards. We share a post from Passbrains that explains how the the crowdtesting firm’s partnership with Starmind paved the way for the CrowdConsult product.