KATERVA: Partnering with Biomimicry Institute in Search of Nature-inspired Startups

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“Ethical Markets is delighted that our two partners KATERVA and Biomimicry Institute are joining forces and augmenting our highlighting of Nature-inspired start-ups and all the worldwide projects to use Natural systems’ power to capture and store CO2 emissions and all natural means of stabilizing our climate!  See also our reports on these start-ups and projects in our Green Transition Scoreboard reports: “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition & Health, 2018″ and “Transitioning to Science-Based Investing, 2019-2020“.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“


Katerva and Biomimicry Institute Partner to Further Sustainable, Nature-inspired Innovations

For almost a decade, the Biomimicry Institute has been working to inspire solutions to critical sustainability challenges and promote the kind of disruptive, sustainable innovations that the Katerva Awards identifies and accelerates. Now, Katerva, home of the Katerva Awards, and the Biomimicry Institute are partnering to reach a broader audience and jointly identify leapfrog solutions and startups that embody radical sustainability and support a healthy planet.

“Ever since reading the book Natural Capitalism by Lovins et al in 1999, I have been hugely inspired by, and passionate about, biomimicry,” declared Dr Bettina von Stamm, Director of Awards Program at Katerva. “There is no tool more powerful than biomimicry when seeking disruptive innovation that leads us towards sustainability, and a circular economy, which is why I am truly delighted about this collaboration.”

After passing through Katerva’s validation, scalability, policy and impact panels, solutions that best represent innovative strategies inspired by nature will be considered for this year’s new Biomimicry Award, and will also be invited to participate in one of two entrepreneurship programs offered by the Biomimicry Institute — the Biomimicry Launchpad or the Ray of Hope Prize® competition.

“Nature-inspired products are often more efficient, more effective, and ultimately cost less than others that do something similar,” said Beth Rattner, Executive Director of the Biomimicry Institute. “At a time when resources and energy need to be dramatically rethought, it makes perfect sense to partner with Katerva to bring our two communities together.”

Nominations for the Katerva Award are categorized into five categories: Cities & Mobility, Food & Water, Education & Human Resources, Energy & Environment, and Health & Wellbeing. Using an award and grand challenge format, the Katerva Award’s core function is to create a new platform for the way in which the international community connects global information, influence and investment with promising innovations from around the world. Prize winners are matched with best-in-class global advisors and resources to help them further scale their businesses.