KATERVA: 2012 Awards Ceremony on July 2, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Sustainability News

“We at Ethical Markets Media salute  the winners of these global KATERVA Awards and I am honored to serve as one of the Judges, Hazel Henderson , Editor-in-Chief “


Warm wishes to all,

Hazel Henderson

Dear Katerva Community,

Katerva will host its 2012 Awards Ceremony on July 2, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland, in conjunction with the United Nations’ Annual Ministerial Review. This important collaboration brings to the forefront of world discussion the ideals set forth by Katerva and the Economic and Social Council’s (ECOSOC) theme for 2013, “Science, technology and innovation, and the potential of culture, for promoting sustainable development and achieving the millennium development goals (MDG).”

We would like to recognize and congratulate Katerva’s Grand Prize Award winner, Gijsbert van de Wijdeven, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Bioneedle Technology Group, and Katerva’s Peoples’ Choice Award winner, Chris Crowstaff, Trustee and Founder of Safe World For Women, for their outstanding achievement.

Innovation plays a  pivotal role in catalyzing change in every aspect of modern human society. Its impact on policy can be far-reaching and is a powerful tool for dealing with the many pressing challenges of today’s world. Katerva’s two award recipients have contributed to this in a very significant way. Their innovations are a concrete demonstration of Katerva’s integrated approach to solving problems, through addressing their social, economic and environmental dimensions.

We are most grateful to the United Nations for allowing us to bring the Katerva Awards presentation to Geneva. Additionally, we would like to thank Katerva’s Winners Circle, Outreach Partners, Awards Council, and Panel of Experts for their efforts and dedication. A list of these individuals and organizations is featured below.

The Katerva Awards Council
Jeremy Rifkin, Marina Silva, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Mary Robinson, David Miller, Dr. J Craig Venter, Stuart P.M. Mackintosh, Hazel Henderson, Prof. Dr. Klaus M. Leisinger, Dr. Faith Birol, Dr. Yuan Tseh Lee, Russel Norman, Janine Benyus, and James Cameron.

The Katerva Winners Circle
Kelley School of Business of Indiana University, Deloitte, ecodeo, Chrysalix, Ernst & Young, Centre for Sustainability and Excellence, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Ken Blanchard, Marshall Goldsmith, and Futureye.

The Katerva Outreach Partners
Village Green, The Buckminster Fuller Challenge, The Tech Museum of Innovation, Unreasonable Institute, Santa Clara University Global Social Benefit Incubator, MIT Climate CoLab, and Games for Change.

All the best,
The Katerva Team