Just Launched: Core Characteristics & Study on Market Size

Jay Owen Green Prosperity

Around the world, people are beginning to shift their attitudes about the role capital should play in our society?—?from building stronger communities locally to mitigating climate change globally.

The impact investing market is expanding, and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is committed to helping fuel its growth while creating the infrastructure to ensure the market scales with integrity.

This week, the GIIN has launched two initiatives: a study to capture the current size of the impact investing market and a set of Core Characteristics to provide baseline expectations of impact investing. Check them out!

Core Characteristics to Safeguard the Integrity of Impact Investing

The Core Characteristics of Impact Investing define the growing approach of impact investing and offer greater clarity on what constitutes credible impact investing practice. The four fundamental tenets represent the baseline expectations for investors adopting an impact investing approach.

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Impact Investing Market Estimated to be Over Half a Trillion Dollars

Representing the most comprehensive study to date, the Sizing the Impact Investing Market report presents a rigorous estimate of the size of the impact investing market. Based on the collation of data from more than 1,300 impact investors around the world, the GIIN estimates the current size of the global impact investing market to be USD 502 billion.

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