July 2019 Newsletter

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“Ethical Markets recommends this broad-ranging Newsletter from our partner the World Business Academy.  Listen to radio economic forecast of its President, Rinaldo Brutoco, board member of Just Capital.  Rinaldo is our friend and colleague in so many endeavors, serves on our global Advisory Board and co-chairs with me, our EthicMark® Awards for Communications Uplifting the Human Spirit & Society (see all past winning ads and campaigns, global Judges Panel, all at www.ethicmark.org ).

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

July 2019 Newsletter

Rebuild with Resilience: Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative (MCMI)

In partnership with the Clean Coalition, the World Business Academy has engaged the Montecito community towards the development of a Community Microgrid, starting with independent microgrids at three critical community facilities: Montecito Fire Protection District (FD) headquarters and primary fire station, Montecito Water District (WD) headquarters and Montecito Union School (MUS). Continue reading 

Santa Barbara County Votes to Join Central Coast CCA: Now What?

By Robert Perry, Director of Research

On June 16th, the County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to participate in the Monterey Bay Community Power Authority (MBCPA), Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program. Following years of deliberation and analysis concerning the feasibility of forming its own CCA, the vote could lead to the inclusion of Santa Barbara County in a community choice program representing Central Coast counties from Santa Barbara up to Santa Cruz. Continue reading

“Methane Accelerator”  Whitepaper

UPDATE: Since its publication on June 6, 2019, the 31-page whitepaper addressing a global phenomenon we call the “Methane Accelerator”, has been picked up by various National news outlets such as: Yahoo! Finance, Marketwatch, PR Newswire, Oil and Gas 360

Please follow this link for a pdf copy of the publication.

Downtown Santa Barbara Retail Discussion
Moves Forward With
New Consultant’s Report

When it comes to the issue of revitalizing Downtown Santa Barbara and bringing back some of its lost luster, momentum is building towards a solution and the World Business Academy is gratified to see that the public discussion we launched last year about this vital issue continues to move forward. Continue reading.

Global Citizens Club Meeting:
Housing Solutions for a Vibrant
Santa Barbara
On July 10th, 2019, we enjoyed the company of over 100 Santa Barbara community members and four key panelists at the Global Citizens Club meeting on Housing Solutions for a Vibrant Santa Barbara. As part of the 2019 conference series, this meeting focused on the pressing topic of housing in Santa Barbara, specifically on the question of how to compensate for the housing shortage and the aging population. Continue reading.

If you missed the meeting, please click on the following link where you will find the recording of the full meeting as well as the individual speaker presentations:  Video recordings