Join The National Green Energy Council And A TruBuilders Inc. at the grand opening of the New Jersey Storm Recovery Center Saturday April 22, 2013

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April 15, 2013 9:00AM EST

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New Jersey Storm Recovery Center




The official grand opening celebration of the New Jersey Storm Recovery Center will take place at the New Jersey Storm Recovery Center located at 1545 Rte. 37 Suite 9 in Toms River,New Jersey. The event will take place at 9:00am EST on Earth Day April 22, 2013.


 A TruBuilders Inc. (ATI) will be opening a Storm Recovery Center™in the office complex at 1545  Route 37W  Toms River NJ 08755 with the assistance of the National Green Energy Council.  The  Restore the Shore Team™ of experts collectively developed a winning combination of standard building practices they refer to as theStormSmart Design™. This standard of building practices will combine the HVHZ protection needed to withstand Super Storms like Sandy and also incorporate energy efficiency practices from Passivhaus and other similar high standards of building. We will also recommend the implementation of renewable energy with battery backups so the homes and facilities will have a level of sustainable emergency power for times of crisis.


Since Katrina the International Green Energy Council has responded with these types of technologies for rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav,the Tsunami that hit American Samoa in 2010, the Gulf Oil Disaster, the Haiti earthquake, the Fukishima Nuclear disaster and Hurricane Irene.

National Green Energy Council President, Mr. Avallone founded the National Green Energy Council in August of 2005, five days after Hurricane Katrina when he was standing in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. The GEC was founded because of Mr. Avallones disbelief that Americans were losing their lives because they had no access to energy or water.


Since that dreadful day the Intenational Green Energy Council has grown to be involved in 94 nations around our planet and has assisted with disaster relief World wide.


“The National Green Energy Council will provide the exposure needed to launch the team forward. The GEC will also assist in job training and certification. Public outreach and building supply contributions will be the GEC focused goal. The GEC will also assist in volunteer coordination since everyone that we will assist may not be the chosen few who actually have money or insurance to rebuild.” said Ralph Avallone, National Green Energy Council President and life long New Jersey resident.


“The NJ Storm Recovery Center will become a beacon of hope and progress to assist NJ families and businesses to get back on a road of recovery and rebuilding.” continued Avallone.


“The NJ Storm Recovery Center will be a place where those affected by Hurricane Sandy can come and learn what they must do to rebuild their lives, their homes and businesses.”


We hope that the future holds that the NJ Storm Recovery Center will become an educational facility visited by political leaders from all over the world to visit and learn about how New Jersey rebuilt and how they can take a proactive approach to Climate Change so that the same mistakes are not made in the future when preparing for these storms.


The NJ Storm Recovery Center will have many amazing partners and moving parts.


Onsite GEC staff will assist in the following areas:


·       Processing of FEMA applications

·       Assistance in insurance claim preparation

·       Assistance in temporary housing

·       Assistance in job training for the rebuilding phases

·       Relocation assistance if requested

·       Education on energy efficiency and storm resiliency for the future


“The process to rebuild New Jersey to its former glory will be a long journey but one that we can use to show the world that New Jerseyans are resilient and that we have rebuilt our homes and business to be less impacting on the environment while being built to withstand the future effects of these massive storms in the future.”said GEC National President, Ralph Avallone



 RTS Team 



The Restore the Shore Team™ has assembled prominent building experts in HVHZ construction, net zero building experience, insurance restoration building, insurance estimating, Passivhaus experience, renewable energy applications and design, building association management experience, architects, engineers and a GSA 8(a) approved contractor. ATI will have Xactimate Certified personnel to perform accurate insurance loss estimates for clients and insurance carriers. Gary Olson, ATI president, has worked on the Large Loss Referral Program from State Farm up to 2006 before relocating to Florida from New Jersey, where ATI is a licensed FL Certified Building Contractor. Mr. Olson is well versed in the insurance claims and building restoration processes. ATI has the existing network of qualified subcontractors to perform in this time of crisis.



Please click the links below to see the members of the Restore the Shore Team.


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