Jigar Shah’s Letter to Gordon Brinser of SolarWorld

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Jigar Shah’s Letter to Gordon Brinser of SolarWorld
We’ve asked Gordon Brinser of SolarWorld to respond.



Massive Trophy Renewables Project for NYC Tech Campus
Cornell wins, Stanford drops out, an anonymous gift, a VC fund, and a NYC campus goes with solar, geothermal, and fuel cells.



7 Best Greentech Media Stats of 2011
Maybe you loved them, maybe you hated them, maybe you missed them. Here are the most popular figures on Greentech Media in 2011.



Stion Wins $130M VC Round for CIGS PV
The biggest photovoltaic VC round of 2011



Guest Post: Why the Solar Industry Lacks Pricing Power
The importance of understanding conventional energy economics



Wipro: IT Outsourcing Meets the Smart Grid
India’s IT outsourcing giant is getting into smart grid and green power in a big way, both abroad and at home.



The Photovoltaic Equipment Market in Q3
Worldwide PV manufacturing equipment book-to-bill ratio fell to 0.35, its lowest level since data collection began in Q1 2010.



GreenVolts, CPV Aspirant, Gets $20M From ABB in a $35M Solar VC Round
A return to the market for an early entrant in CPV. Can GreenVolts catch up to the market leaders?



Natural Gas Doubling to 44% of the North American Mix in 2036?
Renewable energy sources at just 13 percent of our electricity mix in 25 years?



Update: Solon, German Solar Vendor, Files for Insolvency
The insolvency will not affect French, Italian, or American operations.



Guest Post: The Ghosts of Solyndra’s Past, Auctioned
Solar module prices of $0.30 to $0.40 per watt have been achieved—at the Solyndra auction.



Top Ten GTM Articles of 2011
It’s that time of year again—time for end-of-year lists, that is.



Record US Solar Quarter at 449 MW Installed
A great Q4 is expected as well, but uncertainty looms.