January 2020 Newsletter – from our partner GIFT

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“Ethical Markets is happy to share inspiring news from our partner GIFT and its founder Chandran Nair, author of “Consumptionomics” (2015) and other important books we review in our Books & Reviews page at www.ethicalmarkets.com.   Chandran Nair fearlessly critiques the current economic growth paradigm and point out that our entire economic model has to be re-designed.  Bravo!  We agree!


~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

GIFT wishes you a Happy New Year!


In 2020, we’re resolving to push the envelope even further in developing high-impact projects throughout the region, and pursue our mission to develop the next generation of leaders, suited to a diverse, Asian-led and resource-constrained 21st Century.


In this first newsletter of the year, we wanted to share some of our upcoming initiatives to serve global businesses, project partners and local governments. We hope these inspire new ideas on how GIFT can help you and your organisation solve the pressing development, business or strategic issues you may face in the coming year!

Best wishes,
The GIFT Team

2020 Upcoming Programmes

GIFT’s open enrolment programmes, using our unique learning methodology, present several opportunities for companies looking to train and test their top talent.


Facilitated over two weeks, GIFT’s programmes spark behaviourial change and mindset shifts through compelling intellectual discussion and output-driven immersion learning. In addition to learning about the most salient economic and social questions of our time, participants will acquire the skills needed to manage unfamiliar situations arising from non-hierarchical and diverse teams.


Spaces are limited, so get in touch if you would like to nominate your organisation’s top talent for our programmes.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Yangon, Myanmar: March 2 – 13


GIFT returns to Myanmar for its first programme of 2020: an opening economy yet one where many communities still live in poverty.


Participants will work to improve the livelihoods of the country’s five million migrant workers on a financial inclusion project with BRAC, the world’s largest non-governmental organisation.

2020 Myanmar GLP: Brochure

Kuala Lumpur, and Miri and Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia: March 23 – 28, April 11 – 17


Developed for Malaysian talent, the Malaysian Young Leaders Programme brings together young professionals from business, government and civil society.


Participants will develop recommendations on how to elevate indigenous arts and culture to drive sustainable development in Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest state.

2020 Malaysia YLP: Brochure

Hong Kong, China and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia: June 1 – 14


For our second Global Leaders Programme in 2020, GIFT will take a global cohort to Sabah: a state with abundant natural resources and biodiversity.


Participants will work with project partner Forever Sabah to reimagine education through a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures the state’s future sustainable development, developed and disseminated through a commercially-viable education institute.


Programme Brochure coming soon!