Jane Ambachtsheer: Honorary Recipient of the SIO Lifetime Achievement Award

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Last updated: 28 June 2011

Issue 18

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Jane Ambachtsheer, Partner and Global Head of Mercer’s Responsible Investment business, has been chosen as the honorary recipient of the Social Investment Organization’s 2011 Canadian SRI Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Social Investment Organization (SIO) is a national membership-based organization that includes financial institutions, investment firms, financial advisors, and various organizations and individuals interested in socially responsible investment. Its mandate is to promote the practice of socially responsible investment (SRI) in Canada, and recognize those committed to its promotion with this award.

The Canadian SRI Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes those committed to the promotion of ESG in the Canadian investment space. It is an honour to have the SIO recognize Jane’s leadership and commitment to the industry, in addition to her professionalism, passion and the quality of her work.

Jane’s professional achievements have had significant impact on the development and maturation of the RI industry. Some of her achievements include:

Jane established the RI practice at Mercer in 2004, the first of its kind in a global consulting organisation. In seven years, she developed a global team of 15 highly talented and motivated individuals who advise institutional investors in Canada and around the world.

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