ISO 26000: Looking beyond the CSR report for organizational transformation

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ISO 26000: Looking beyond the CSR report for organizational transformation

by Sharan Bal

In the CSR arena of reporting, performance indicators, GRI application levels, and sustainability indexes, we are largely evaluating CSR performance on the basis of external factors. Measurement tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated for this very reason and usually address issues such as measuring the impact of a company’s investment in the community, measuring the reduction of resource use over a period of … (More)

Malaysian Budget 2011: Some Green Trends to Get You Started

by Jayanthi Naidu Desan

Malaysia’s continued commitment towards green growth is reflected in the recently announced 2011 budget. The mandate of the budget is to transform Malaysia into a developed and high income economy. Underlying the budget is a green development strategy which the government sees as holding the key in driving competitiveness. It includes various incentives and growth opportunities including tax breaks, soft loans and funding for … (More)

Maximising the value of CSR

by Wei Zheng

In a period defined by tight budgets, CSR departments are beginning to learn how to maximise the value of CSR. Doing so helps them become more efficient and effective in spending money and achieving results. Yet it is important to remember that the value of CSR is not just about magnifying it through marketing and branding (although communicating CSR properly is important); it’s primary value is the return to both the community … (More)

Green vehicle incentives – help or hindrance?

by Tony Watts

Vehicular carbon emissions are a particularly important issue in Asia, now that China has overtaken the US as the world’s largest car market with 13.6m new vehicles sold in 2009. The best-selling cars in China tend to be smaller and more efficient than those Americans buy, but the biggest sellers are also cheap and fairly low-tech, meaning tailpipe emissions could be lower. And those sheer numbers can’t be good for … (More)

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