Is Washington Too Stupid to Tap this $2 Trillion Payday?

kristy Resource Efficiency

By Jeff Siegel | Monday, April 11th, 2011
There was a lot of talk last week about spending cuts. And plenty of blame-slinging, too.

Of course, both sides are full of crap.

Democrats want to cherry-pick a handful of spending cuts that will do nothing to save this sinking ship. And their inability to wrap their heads around this reality gives them zero credibility when it comes to matching their rhetoric with action.

And the fact that most republicans still refuse to shun big oil money while attacking Planned Parenthood and clean energy programs proves that they’re really more concerned about pushing their own backwards social agenda that rewards complacency and penalizes progress.


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None of it really matters either way. Neither side is interested in doing the grunt work it’ll take to prepare our nation for the future.

They’re too busy continuing their respective partisan deceptions.

But while the dolts on the Hill maneuver to appease extremists, there are others trying desperately to get an important message out to the people…

Without the appropriate investments, we’re dead in the water.

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