Is this a ‘tipping point’ for climate change and our planet?

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NASA scientists today were stunned when following the hottest July in the northern hemisphere since records began, “Greenland’s surface ice cover experienced melting over 97% of its surface” based on satellite observations. NASA’s press release states “such pronounced melting at summit and across the ice sheet has not occurred since 1889”.

To read more on this click the following link: Greenland’s Unprecedented Ice Sheet Melt, 7 News.

The alarming advance of climate change, highlighted by this and other startling phenomena, means the fight against global warming has become crucial to our planet. Wildfires are burning out of control around the world, including the USA, Russia, Israel, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria. At the same time devastating floods have hit the UK, Sweden, India, China, Bangladesh, Russia and Japan to name a few.

As yet, governments have failed in slowing global CO2 emissions, which are still spiralling upwards despite the hard realities now showing the forecasts of catastrophic climate change to come. Extreme weather is part of the cycle scientists have predicted and first indications are that unless businesses act proactively and become the driving force behind environmental action, we may really do too little too late.

Offsetting your businesses emissions can cost as little as 1% of your profits, for some service based companies even less.

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