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Defined ambition pensions could be ‘distraction’ for UK government
UKTUC says DA agenda risks distracting DWP from work of improving defined contribution schemes. 30/08/13

Friday people roundup

Danish results: PFA Pension, PensionDanmark, Industriens

Hedge funds with higher fees perform better, study shows

Big Society Capital calls for tax support on social impact bonds

Serco pays £17m to fund deficit, close defined benefit pension fund










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Signs of a Turning Point?






What are the best real estate opportunities?






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Investment Solutions: Very real problems


Complexity in regulation, heightened demand for efficient liability management, market volatility and the sheer breadth of investment opportunities have created demand for a different type of relationship between asset managers and pension funds, writes Liam Kennedy. But how are they meeting this demand?


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How We Run Our Money: SPK


Nina Röhrbein speaks with Peter Hansson, chief executive at Swedish pension fund Sparinstitutens Pensionskassa, about how how he keeps it simple.


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Dutch Governance: My way, not the highway


The minister of finance makes an enemy of the €1trn Dutch pensions market after opting not to proceed with plans to inflation-proof investments made in infrastructure.


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