IPE.com News Special: EC unveils Green Paper on pensions

kristy SRI/ESG News

European Commission unveils Green Paper on supplementary pensions

EUROPE – The European Commissions has released its long-awaited Green Paper on supplementary pensions in the single market. 07/07/10 12:22

Talking Point: Using investor assets to bail out pensions

BT Group has had its credit rating downgraded as a result of the huge financial pressures it faces from its defined benefit pension fund deficit.

Other listed companies in the market are suffering similar problems with the need to plug deficits which could affect their business potential. British Airways, for example, has sought to merger with Iberia . Yet the deal is still not signed and commentators note the pension fund is at present worth more than the net worth of the company.

So should investors be turning their backs on companies carrying DB liabilities and potentially high deficits? Or does that simply kill off the remaining future for defined benefit pensions?


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