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We at Ethical Markets Media(USA and Brazil)  support a financial transaction tax .This proposal for a tax of .01% is much less that the Latin American Countries proposed at the UN, but it’s a start and might begin to curb high-frequency trading  and some of the volatility it causes, while not affecting genuine investors. 

European Commission submits formal proposal for ‘financial transaction tax’
0.1% tax on equity, bond trades and 0.01% tax on derivatives trades would make sector ‘pay its fair share’. 28/09/11

Bank of England failed to consider QE’s impact on pension funds, says PIC

Traditional assumptions, models no longer suitable for SAA – Mercer

Infrastructure investment to become ‘increasingly Shariah-compliant’

Pension schemes should ‘keep faith’ in equity markets – Punter Southall

Association of British Insurers revises shareholder advice on executive pay

Wednesday people roundup

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