Investors Need the Reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act

kristy Community Development Solutions, Wealth of Networks

We have been waiting 34 years for a chance to reform the Toxic Substance Control Act and now we finally have bills in both the House and Senate. We are looking for more investors who would be willing to support toxic chemical policy reform. Later this month we are sending a letter to Congress and issuing a Press Release, so please take a moment and sign our petition.

The American Sustainable Business Council is working with the Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) and the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Coalition (SCHF) to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act and we need your support. We believe that, as investors, TSCA reform will have a positive impact on your portfolio companies. It will also help get toxic chemicals out of our products, bodies, and communities.

Please Sign Our Petition so we can get catalyze the transition to green chemistry and healthy communities.

New legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate. The new legislation deserves investor support not only because it enhances protection for public health and the environment, but there’s a compelling business case for it. The new legislation will lower business’ overhead costs, promote innovation, and enhance the global competitiveness of American industry. Regulatory reform can help drive investment opportunities in the safer materials “space”, as the existing regulatory system that favors older, dirtier chemistries is changed to broaden markets for newer, safer chemicals.

For more information, visit the TSCA Reform Campaign webpage.