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December 2018


At the UN’s COP24 this year in Poland, the world’s most senior government officials, together with business and investment industry leaders, are meeting to discuss pressing climate change issues. Poland endeavoured to make this event known as the Paris Agreement implementation package. The PRI is reporting live from the event via Twitter and our website.


In other PRI news, Kris Douma has accepted an internal position as Director of Strategic Projects. In my role as the PRI’s Chief Responsible Investment Officer, I present to you the December edition of the IP newsletter, and am looking forward to continuing working closely with our signatory base in the new calendar year.

Nathan Fabian

Chief Responsible Investment Officer


PRI signatories can report responsible investment practices in hedge funds in a new module as part of the 2019 Reporting Framework. The module (which is voluntary and not assessed) is based on the PRI’s RI DDQ, covering four sections (policy, governance, investment process, and monitoring and reporting). For more information, see the PRI reporting page.

PRI ENDORSES PRIVATE EQUITY INITIATIVE ic20 At Climate Finance Day 2018 in Paris, PRI Chair Martin Skancke endorsed the French private equity initiative ic20 and encouraged its adoption by private equity firms worldwide. ic20 signatories have worked to develop methodologies for carbon footprinting and supported portfolio companies in managing and reducing emissions. The ic20 is now hosted on the PRI Collaboration Platform.RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT SURVEY FOR HEDGE FUNDSThe PRI, in partnership with Cerulli Associates, invites you to take a short survey on responsible investment in hedge funds. As a participant, you will receive the insights gained and the key findings from our research. To participate as an asset owner and fund manager, click here and here respectively.SERVICE PROVIDER SNAPSHOT LAUNCHEDIf you’re unsure about what you can ask from your asset consultant, or are curious about how your consultant’s approach to responsible investment compares to their peers’, check out the PRI’s Service provider snapshot, a database of responsible investment practices spanning over 190 service providers.CALL FOR ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERS ON ESG IN CREDIT RATINGSInvestors interested in credit risk analysis and representatives of credit rating agencies who have signed the ESG in Credit Ratings Statement are invited to apply by 31 December. For more information, see the Terms of Reference or contact Carmen Nuzzo.