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Healthpoint Services delivers healthcare to remote villages in India
We are proud to report that Calvert Foundation borrower Healthpoint Services won the Health, Water and Sanitation Award for Emerging Enterprises earlier this month at the annual Sankalp Forum in Mumbai, India. Healthpoint was lauded among accomplished peers for its e-healthpoint model, which allows patients in rural villages to interact with doctors in urban areas via broadband video.

In addition to providing affordable healthcare at low patient costs (roughly $1 per medical consultation), these one-stop health centers combat the stigma surrounding healthcare by also serving as providers of fresh, treated water. While picking up a monthly supply of clean water, villagers now have an “excuse” to discretely seek medical care.

“Imagine that you could walk into an ‘instant clinic,’ get tested in 5 minutes for an insignificant cost, talk to a doctor in a medical call-center about the results if you desired, pick up the medicine you need, and leave – all within 20 minutes,” explains Dr. Allen Hammond, Ashoka Senior Entrepreneur and Head of Healthpoint Services.

We are excited to be a supporter of this promising young game changer. Last year, Healthpoint engaged in a partnership with Proctor & Gamble that will help them target an additional 1 billion consumers by 2015 and eventually scale operations to 40 countries.

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