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INTERNATIONAL TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION (ITUC) ITUC OnLineClimate change is putting jobs at riskgovernments must actBrussels,9 November 2014(ITUC OnLine): With a new round of the UnitedNations climate negotiations starting this monday in Warsaw, Poland, thelabour movement expressed its concerns on the impacts a low ambition climatedeal would mean for jobs globally.“Science is telling us that all sectors of the economy will be heavilyimpacted by climate change if we do not succeed to maintain temperatureincrease below 2°C”, said Sharan Burrow, the general secretary of theInternational Trade Union Confederation. “Governments have a small window ofopportunity to show they have a vision for workers and their children… thetime for transitioning peacefully and fairly to sustainability is startingto run out…” she added. Burrow criticised the Polish government, which is hosting the talks, forfailing to show leadership towards cutting carbon emissions, and organisinga “coal and climate” conference at the beginning of the UN talks.poland is not only dragging its feet on climate.  It seems to be activelytrying to roll back any progress and align itself with the powerful “carbonclub” of climate change deniers at the expense clean jobs and the veryfuture of the planet,” she said.The UN negotiations open in a context of growing inequality, unemploymentand social unrest across the world. Leadership has never been more needed toshow there is an alternative economic model, one which can provide adignified life to all within our Planet’s carrying capacity.“We want the jobs of the future to be created now, through investing inrenewable energies, public transit, building retrofits, for just mentioninga few”, said Burrow. “The measures for transforming all sectors into greenerones, for providing workers alternative, good quality jobs and supportingcommunities for diversifying their economies must be taken now. Unlessgovernments send a clear signal in the negotiations that the climate way isTHE way for developing their economies, those policies will remain a dream…”The Warsaw climate conference is expected to give clarity on when and howgovernments will submit their emission reduction objectives.“The labour movement will be present in poland to demand climate action, andto ensure governments secure a Just Transition for all those workers whomight need support in the transformation of our economies to sustainability.Social justice and climate action must always go hand in hand”.The full trade union contribution for the Climate conference is availablehere:English: The ITUC represents 176 million workers in 156 countries and territories andhas 325 national affiliatesFollow us on the web: and For more information, please contact the ITUC Press Department on: +32 2 22402 04 or +32 476 621 018