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International trade unions to adopt historic resolution on climate change

Vancouver BC, 24 June 2010: Unions from all over the world are to adopt
today an ambitious resolution on climate change. In the framework of the 2nd
ITUC Congress, unions have debated their role in the fight against climate
change, the means to create green and decent jobs and ensure a just
transition towards a low carbon economy and the need for achieving a fair,
ambitious and binding deal on climate under UN auspicies.

“In the last years, unions have deepened their understanding and commitment
on climate change; the time has come in this 2nd ITUC Congress to
consolidate our policies” said Guy Ryder, General Secretary of the ITUC.
“With this resolution, trade unions of the world show that if there is
ambition and solidarity, it is possible to agree on the measures needed to
combat climate change; governments should step up to their responsibilities,
as unions have done”.

The resolution establishes policies on the need for ambitious emission
reductions in developed countries, for sufficient funding to be allocated to
help the poorest of the world to adapt to climate change, and for developing
countries not to repeat the mistakes of the past but to engage instead in a
different development path, so as to help build the low carbon, climate
resilient and socially-fair world we need.

“Climate change is definitely a workers’ issue, and Congress is
demonstrating leadership by showing that there is no incompatibility between
achieving decent work and social justice and protecting the environment”,
said Sharan Burrow, President of the ITUC. “On the contrary, targetted
investments and policies aimed at creating green and decent jobs in certain
sectors, such as renewable energies, energy efficiency and public
transportation can help us overcome the job crisis we are living through,
and unions today are willing to convey this message to the world”.

“Solidarity between and within countries and a Just Transition are key to
ending climate change” said Burrow. “Unions of the world have to ensure that
their governments share costs and gains in a fair manner, and push for the
transition to a low-carbon and sustainable society to be done in such a way
that everyone has a place” she added.

In addition to the resolution “Combatting Climate Change through Sustainable
Development and Just Transition”, a documentary produced by ITUC and
Sustainlabour showcases activities and commitments from the world’s
unionists- from leaders to shopfloor activists – on climate change.

For more information, please contact the ITUC Press Department on: +32 476
621 018