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Post Event Coverage of Intersolar North America 2010

Intersolar North America wrapped up last week, but you can still see highlights of the show with Intersolar TV, read event coverage and more on and See you in 2011!

Video Highlights

Intersolar 2010: Pre-Show
See what went into setting up an international tradeshow and conference at Intersolar North America.

Intersolar 2010: Day One
What do the attendees, analysts, exhibitors and executives at Intersolar North America think about the future of solar? Find out in this video from the official opening of the event.

Intersolar 2010: Day Two
We take a look at Solar Thermal, BoS, and cost saving technologies on the Intersolar North America tradeshow.

Intersolar 2010: Day Three
Hear final thoughts from the attendees at Intersolar North America. See you in 2011!

News Coverage

GE, PV Powered, Satcon, and SMA on Utility-Scale Inverters
“It’s a good time to be an inverter company.”

Solar Frontier Goes Big With CIGS PV at Intersolar
“We’re not intimidated by our cadmium telluride competitors.” (Hello, First Solar!)

Oerlikon Solar’s Amorphous Silicon PV Keeping Up
Don’t write off a-Si; there’s still some life in that solar technology.

Sharp Solar’s Ron Kenedi on Amorphous Silicon
Amorphous silicon (a-Si) will constitute as much as 50 percent of Sharp’s solar business in the coming years.

SolFocus, Concentrix Keep Pushing CPV Forward
The U.S. becomes an increasingly important market for CPV.