International Green Energy Council Secretary General Presents To The World Bank

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The International Green Energy Council Secretary General, Ralph Avallone spoke with over 5000 World Bank representatives in Washington D.C last week at their very first sustainability expo.




“My hope is that the World Bank would become a strong collaborative partner with the International Green Energy Council in introducing new energy efficiency technologies for application in its Washington, D.C. World headquarters and then once proved, install these energy saving technologies in all of their World Wide offices. Now that would be a great reduction in carbon emmisons for the World Bank.” said IGEC SG Avallone in his presentation.




World Bank has instituted a very agressive corporate responsibilty program spreaheaded by Sonal Patel at World Bank who contacted the International Green Energy Council to part of this amazing initiative.




“The ultimate goal would be for the World Bank to create its own ESCO fund that would assist struggling nations in applying energy efficiency technologies in Federal Government buildings all around the Planet. This would have a major impact both for the carbon reduction for our Planet as well as a major savings in energy for nations where electricity rates are very costly and where their power grids are sub standard.” continued IGEC SG, Avallone.


“Finally, I would like to see the World Bank partner more substantially with the International Green Energy Council to work with our organization on some of the amazing net zero housing projects in struggling nations throughout Africa and the Caribbean and utility scale renewable energy projects along with our partner Better P3.” said Avallone.



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