International Green Energy Council Has A New Chapter In Brazil

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Brasilia,Brazil- November 1, 2010

In a continuing effort to bring opportunities to International Green Energy Council members Worldwide as well as provide consult to countries around the Globe, IGEC President Ralph Avallone traveled to Brazil in late August to inaugurate GEC Brazilian President, Leandro Cararro. “Brazil’s economy is strong, it’s democracy is thriving and the country has many opportunities for the future”. Said  IGEC President, Ralph Avallone. “However, Brazils growth will present obstacles in the future if not handled now!”

Brazil is growing at almost an alarming rate. It is estimated that 43,000 new cars hit the roads of the capital city, Brasilia each day. A result of a successful economy where more and more Brazilians are moving into the middle class every day. This new middle class is buying cars, electronics and new homes faster than they can be supplied. More people with new wealth require more food, water and energy. This is resulting in pressures on an antiquated power grid and roads that were never designed for large traffic volumes. More and more workers are finding good paying jobs in government in the capital city of Brasilia and they all drive to work. “Brazil will need to move very fast to take advantage of a growing economy. They need mass transit systems, a more reliable power grid and sustainable development plans. All these factors will show to be challenging for this growing Nation.” Commented IGEC President Avallone.

“The IGEC’s hope is that Brazil will look at the mistakes the United States made in promoting Sprawl but also at the successes that a Transcontinental Railroad provided to create an interconnected Nation.” Continued Avallone.

Brazil has thrived under its Previous President, Lula. It’s new President, Dilma Rousseff will continue in the footsteps of Lula. But Dilma has to gear up Brazil for the 2014 World Cup Games as well as the 2016 Summer Olympics. The World is watching and waiting to see if Brazil can ramp up for these two amazing economic opportunities while continuing to fuel its economy with Climate Change nipping at the heels of the World.

” Leandro Carraro, the new GEC Brazilian President is a bright entrepreneur and fervent man who loves his country and wants to make sure that Brazils growth is sustainable and that Brazil looks toward new green technologies to reduce their energy demand while planning for renewable energy applications throughout his country, that’s why we chose him to be President of GEC Brazil.” Said IGEC President, Ralph Avallone in his address at the IGEC Renewable Energy Policy Conference held on September 9, 2010 in Brazil.

“Our members and their Green Technologies will play key roles in making a more energy efficient and sustainable Brazil, while creating new job opportunities for Brazilians through the manufacturing of these technologies right here in Brazil” said Avallone.

America has yet to realize the opportunities that green tech manufacturing can bring to get Americans back to work. Our hope is that Brazils new President Dilma will see that Green Technologies have the opportunity of creating millions of new Green jobs for the people of Brazil thus assisting her in her victory speech commitment to dedicate herself to fighting poverty in Brazil.

The International Green Energy Council has already presented manufacturing opportunities to Brazilian government officials from Solar Panel manufacturing, LED Street Light manufacturing, Asphalt Plants, Cement Plants, Biomass Facilities and sustainable development opportunities throughout Brazil in just the past several months.

“These same companies have been seeking opportunities in the United States to no avail and in a few short months here on the ground in Brazil these companies are starting to get some real traction. “Said Avallone. “Stay tuned because this is just the beginning of what the IGEC has presented here in Brazil.”

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