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Interesting Times for VC, Greentech and Globespan
“If we can’t take companies public, the model doesn’t work.”

Will Natural Gas Hurt Renewables?
Investment bankers dither about regulations but remain hopeful about alternatives at REFF-Wall Street .

Entering Wind’s Jumbo Jet Age
Wind industry innovators are upping turbine power from the passenger jet scale to jumbo jet wind.

Energy Storage: McPhy’s Hope for Hydrogen
Venture capital firms still hold some hope for hydrogen storage.

$1.45 Billion Loan Guarantee for Abengoa CSP Plant
President Obama gives the go-ahead for one of the world’s largest concentrating solar power projects.

NIST’s Smart Grid Standards: A Work in Progress
Talk, talk, talk–but the White House is pushing appliance makers and technology companies for a Kumbaya moment

Oregon’s Feed-In Tariff Sells out in 15 Minutes
Want solar in your state? Offer 65 cents per kilowatt hour.

Energy Independence Declared at Cypress with SunPower and Bloom
Happy Fourth of July from T.J Rodgers, Dick Swanson, K.R. Sridhar and Chuck Reed–and from G reentech Media.