Innovation Forum – Business & Human Rights, November 10

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Business and Human Rights

How to get beyond policy, manage risk and build relationships

10 November, 2014, London


This global event is a meeting place for corporate practitioners tasked with the responsibility of putting human rights principles into practice. Going beyond the usual theory and into the practical implications and real-world challenges of implementing the human rights guiding principles across the business.

  • Human rights and business performance A look beyond the typical academic lens and into the practical implications that human rights can have on your business and the bottom line
  • Go beyond just policy: A look at progression since the implementation of the human rights guiding principles. Discuss how framework has advanced – and what remains to be done
  • The legal and enforcement risks Understand what you must be doing, and where you can, and should, draw the line
  • What makes policy that works on the ground? Find out how to integrate human rights principles into your sustainability, and business, framework

Speakers include

  • Benet Northcote, head of CSR, John Lewis Partnership
  • Ron Popper, head of corporate responsibility, ABB
  • John Morrison, executive director, Institute for Human Rights and Business
  • Camilla Goldbeck-Lowe, CR expert sustainability and corporate responsibility, Ericsson
  • Charmaine Nuguid, team head global, PUMA.SAFE Humanity, PUMA
  • Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor, The Economist
  • Marcia Balisciano, director, corporate responsibility, Reed Elsevier
  • Will Oulton,?global head of responsible investment, First State Investments
  • Richard Howitt MEP, Labour MEP, foreign affairs spokesperson, rapporteur corporate responsibility

Key Topics Covered

  • Big finance and human rights Discover how financial institutions view the business and human rights agenda – and how this is quantified
  • Case studies and challenges The power of experience. Discuss with the experts how to get started and what to avoid
  • Bring suppliers on board How to engage and support suppliers as they progress towards ethical practices
  • Pre-Competitive Collaboration: Buzzword or reality? Hear from companies who have undergone successful collaboration and seen the positive results

Conference Objectives

  • To raise the level of debate on business and human rights in the UK and around the world
  • To bring together key players to look at three key areas: today’s state of play, the medium term trends and the long term outlook
  • To explain how to design and implement better human rights policy and practices
  • To help governments and their agencies understand business priorities and drivers, and vice versa
  • To showcase and debate current best practice in implementing human rights policy across business
  • To highlight partnerships and collaboration that help deliver best practice

Business and Human Rights – How to get beyond policy, manage risk and build relationships

If you are looking to learn more about the practical implications of putting principles into action amongst an intimate environment of corporate practitioners, then this is the forum for you.

For the full background and all the info on our expert speakers and detailed agenda, download the brochure on the right hand side now.

If you have any questions, or you’re interested in attending, do get in touch:

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Chief Operating Officer
Innovation Forum
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