In Memoriam Lynn Margulis

kristy Earth Systems Science

The world has lost one of the most brilliant scientists in the field of Earth Systems Science. Lynn Margulis, as a biologist extraordinaire, through her many books, explained so much to the aware public: that cooperation was a deep strategy of nature as species co-evolved; that the living biosphere of our planet regulated our atmosphere and maintained conditions for all life . Dr. Margulis was also the mother of the Gaia hypothesis, along with its father, James Lovelock, which posited that the Earth, understood in this self-regulating way, is a living organism! After decades of skepticism by orthodox scientists, Gaia theory has taken its place, recognized by earth systems scientists as basic to their understanding, as we find ever more evidence that biodiversity is key to our survival. We of the Lindisfarne Fellowship, founded by our beloved meta-historian, William Irwin Thompson, were blessed to have Dr. Margulis within our midst. We not only learned so much from her, but we also loved her warmth and caring soul. Her legacy will continue to inform us and many future generations. Lynn is with us still and we celebrate her life and contribution to the human family!

Hazel Henderson, Lindisfarne Fellow,  author,  Ethical Markets :Growing the Green Economy

Lindisfarne Fellows conference, 2011

When we pass on,
think only this of us:
we lived alert
to the rapids and breaks
of the heart’s cascade –
its loud blood
percusive music
in our ears,
as we encountered rocks,
marking our passage
in a broken open time.