In an unprecedented year: Big challenges, big accomplishments part 1

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“Ethical Markets fully supports the important work of the Public Banking Institute, and is honored to have their founder and President Ellen Brown, monetary expert and author of “The Web of Debt” and” Banking on People” (2019) as a member of our Advisory Board.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

2020 part 1 of 6: Big challenges, big accomplishments
2020 has been an unprecedented year that has brought into sharp focus the urgent need for public banking.
Your donations have enabled the Public Banking Institute to be at the forefront of important conversations all year long. Here’s what your contributions have achieved — in 6 parts. With your financial contribution — large or small — PBI will be ready to make 2021 the watershed year we’ve been planning for.   DONATE 
Part 1 – April – Open Letters to elected officials

As the country faced the coronavirus shutdown and its disastrous economic aftermath, the Public Banking Institute responded swiftly and boldly.

·         In April, we sent Open Letters to every member of Congress, Governor, and State Treasurer recommending immediate actions that would enable swift delivery of COVID-19 relief funds to individuals as well as to states. The recommendations included establishing state-owned banks that could tap into the Fed’s virtually interest-free money to reboot the economy during an overwhelming crisis.

·         We released a strong media campaign about these recommended actions that resulted in many high-profile radio and online interviews.
·         We heard from treasurers and task forces that these letters were definitely “on the table.”
·         The fruits of these cumulative efforts, grown from a decade of advocacy groundwork at every level, were harvested in the Fall when public banking, postal banking, and National Infrastructure Bank legislation was introduced in Congress.
In such a challenging year, we engaged thousands of new advocates and audiences across the country, and shaped policy discussions and legislation at both national and local levels.

With your financial support, PBI will be able to reach ever widening and diverse audiences. We’ll host more Town Halls, produce more PBI LIVE episodes, do more news releases, support more local groups, and work to create a world in which publicly-owned banks give communities the financial infrastructure they need to meet crises with strength.

Each donor will receive this 5×5″ static cling decal as a thank you and to help you spread the word about public banking
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