Impact Investing in Asia: Judging Ventures & MBAs

kristy Green Prosperity, SRI/ESG News


I. Impact Investments in Asia: Global ventures competing at GSVC; impact investing in Hong Kong emerging as a positive force for good

II. New Metrics of Business Value: Surprising value from sustainability – for your CFO, CEO and teams

III. Impact Investing – Academic Reports: Professors from Harvard and Wharton show that sustainability can lead to shareholder value

IV. Seeking Dividend Yield and Positive Impact?
HIP Portfolios offer income potential in range of 4%

V. SURVEY: How Valuable is Your Talent? Take the HUMAN CAPITAL survey to see if you are leading or lagging in performance

VI. Investment Advisers & Brokers can partner with HIP: With Impact reporting and HIP Portfolios, investors with advisers can seek to be more HIP

VII. SPRING of Sustainability: Winter has thawed, 2012 is the time for demonstrating result of HIP-ness

VIII. “Can Goldman Sachs Compete On Improving Society?” A HIP Perspective in Huffington Post; also, TriplePundit

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