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Public Banking Institute News: Jan 17, 2019

Deception Falls, WA

Interim report from UW concludes a state-chartered cooperative bank is a good idea

In July 2018, Washington State’s Office of Financial Management asked the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington to complete an evaluation on the benefits and risks of establishing and operating a state-chartered, public cooperative bank. This evaluation would inform the creation of a business plan for such a bank. The interim report delivered mid-December concluded that: “Improvements can be achieved by creating a state-chartered public cooperative bank.”

The report also clarified that creation of such a bank is feasible under the state’s constitution, although it would require an enabling statute and the amendment of others. The final business plan report is due June 30, 2019.

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Josh Elliot, CT State Rep

Connecticut State Rep makes a strong call for a state public bank

More elected officials every week are seeing the potential of public banking to address budgetary woes. The latest is Connecticut State Representative Josh Elliott, who writes in the CT Mirror of how the century old Bank of North Dakota has “spun off $300 million in revenue to the state over the last decade alone [now $360 million since 2005] while also providing some significant functions. …

We need to implement a public bank in Connecticut because it allows for consistent and cheap lending. It works both for the state as an institution, and it works for its residents.”

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International News: The UK is building a network of regional community cooperative banks

The concept of “community wealth building” is gaining traction in the UK with politicians on all sides seeing the appeal of community-owned banking models. UK law was changed in 2014 making it possible for banks to be licensed as a true cooperative bank. The resulting coop banks are starting to spread across the UK with the vision of developing a wide network of regional community banks.

One such bank’s founder, Jules Peck, writes how these regional coop banks can put banking back in the hands of the people:

“As well as the bank I have helped found in the West of England region, Avon Mutual, we have banks already in formation in London and the South West and soon we hope in the Preston, Merseyside and Lancashire region, as well as in Wales. … We won’t be trading and involved in the speculative ‘financialized’ economy—just the real economy of our regions. Using local savings to lend to local citizens and businesses and other institutions.”

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