Hyatt Lifts the Curtain on ‘Thrive’ Global Sustainability Program

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Hyatt Lifts the Curtain on ‘Thrive’ Global Sustainability Program
By Leslie Guevarra

Hyatt’s new Thrive platform pulls together the company’s sustainability initiatives, green teams and outreach programs to benefit the communities surrounding the brand’s properties — as well as the hotels themselves….Read More

GM Brings Landfill-Free Strategies to Distribution, Offices
By Jonathan Bardelline

General Motors is bringing its waste reduction, recycling and reuse efforts to its non-manufacturing sites….Read More

How Many Congressmen Does It Take To Screw Up a Light Bulb?
By David Doniger, NRDC

Congress this week will take up a bill that would reverse new federal lighting efficiency standards — even though it’s already led to the creation of new technologies and are saving households billions of dollars a year….Read More

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