How to change the money game for yourself (and our world)

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What jumps to mind when you hear the word “money?”

And even better than images you might associate with money (dollar bills, gold coins, an empty or full bank account), what do you feel?

Fear? Hope? Excitement? Anger? Confusion?

What would it mean for you to have a healthy, balanced and even sacred relationship with money? To have the tools and insights you need to change both your own financial beliefs, behaviors and bank account AND the rules of the game towards a more thriving world?

Imagine, the outmoded, “winner-takes-all” economic systems that have produced more have-nots than haves, replaced by a new and healthy financial paradigm that benefits everyone.  It’s a foundational aspect of the Shift in our world.

What do these new economic systems look like? And how can they work in your own life?

You can find the answers to these essential questions at our upcoming Healthy Money Summit, where you’ll receive the tools and inspiration you need to transform your relationship with money and help cocreate a new financial paradigm.

This free global telesummit, November 7-9, features a stunning lineup of speakers such as Hazel Henderson, Vicki Robin, Susan Davis, Charles Eisenstein, Alisa Gravitz, Michael Shuman, Ellen Brown and other top money and economics pioneers, bestselling authors, and thought leaders.

Earning, spending, conscious investing, and new economic paradigms that favor Main Street over Wall Street are just some of the topics these amazing speakers will cover over this 3-day online summit.

These top money experts will show you how to shift to a healthier, happier, more holistic relationship with money – from the personal to the global.

Specifically, you’ll discover new…

  • Ways of earning and spending that liberate your time and passion for your real life’s work
  • Investment strategies that favor the triple bottom line and sustainable business practices
  • Psychologies that favor generosity and sharing over hunkering down
  • Currencies that favor connection and community over hoarding and lack
  • Economies that favor Main Street over Wall Street, and prioritize community well-being as the new bottom line

…and much more.

This summit is your opportunity to help dramatically shift the money paradigm–in your own life, and for the planet.  You’ll let go to old beliefs and limitations and be inspired by new innovations.

Money is an outward expression of individual and global consciousness. Let’s align our compassion, wisdom, love and justice with the equivalent in the financial plane!

Join us for The Healthy Money Summit, November 7-9th.

Sign up for free here today: The Healthy Money Summit