How Should We Pay for Renewables?

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Honeywell conducted a survey and found that Americans like to be comfortable, no matter the cost. But with new technology and information, consumer behavior might begin to change.

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Americans spend more on potato chips than on clean energy R&D each year.

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How Should We Pay for Renewables?
Stimulus or market? Arguments can be made for both approaches.

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How come the Japanese giant isn’t out front with electric cars?

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Coulomb Raises $15M in Third Round of Funding
Coulomb is building the infrastructure for electric vehicles, but it’s still unclear how many electric vehicle charging stations are needed. Wouldn’t you rather charge your car at home?

Sundrop’s Solar Gasification Uses Total Concentration
Sundrop Fuels is a Colorado company that combines concentrated solar power (CSP) technology with biofuels production processes.

Smart Grid, Smart TV Part of a Continuum, Says Google Japan
The search giant doesn’t want to monopolize your data, according to chairman emeritus Norio Murakami.

Power From the Atmosphere: Is it Real?
Not yet, but atmospheric wind companies say the prototypes work and are getting larger. Hear more at Stanford later this month.