Honoring Robert Schwartz

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“We at Ethical Markets  join Lynne Twist in honoring the lifelong contribution of ROBERT SCHWARTZ  to fostering human potential and sponsoring creative projects for a more positive future.  He titled a 1984 issue of his Tarrytown Letter “Toward a New Bottom Line for Economics: Meeting Human Needs” which has an early and expanded diagram of my “cake”, defining the layers – private, public, love and nature’s capital – which make up our real economic structure.  I’m grateful for his unfailing kindness and warm encouragement of so many, including myself.”   Hazel Henderson , Editor-in-Chief .


BobHonoring Robert Schwartz


By Lynne Twist, author, Soul of Money, April 25, 2013


Dear Friends of Bob,


Just after 2 pm EST, April 24, 2013, our beloved friend and a mentor to so many of us, Robert L. Schwartz passed away.


His wife, Renee Bunnell Schwartz, was with him at his side as he look his last breath.  Bob died peacefully and was held until the end in the container of Renee’s unconditional love.


It will be a while until there will be a memorial. Renee and Bob’s family need and want some time now. They will announce when and where we can all come together to celebrate his extraordinary life.


May this news of his passing inspire for each of us vivid memories of Bob’s incredible aliveness. May we each carry forward into the world as his legacy– the insightful conversations we had with him, the many transformational encounters we were privileged to engage in with him, and the incredible power of the difference he made in our lives and in this world.   


May we all dwell in the profound gratitude of having had Bob Schwartz in our lives.


Bob flooded this world with his genius, his positive life force, his inimitable style, his breakthrough ideas, his cutting edge thinking, his creative energy, his deep wisdom, his grand vision, and most of all his love. 


 I loved him with all my heart. I bet you did too.


Please pass this on to those you know would want to know.


With love and gratitude,


Lynne Twist