Honoring Raja Gopal

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Honoring Raja Gopal

SAI mourns the loss of Raja Gopal, an esteemed colleague and long-time friend of SAI. Mr. Gopal suffered a fatal heart attack on March 27

Photo taken after a worker study circle training in Coimbatore, India. Raja Gopal (far right) in Coimbatore, India with SAI’s former Program Manager, Elena Arengo (second from right) with a colleague from the ITGLWF.

SAI mourns the loss of our esteemed colleague and long-time friend, Raja Gopal, who passed away of a heart attack on March 27.

Mr. Gopal worked with SAI for a decade, starting in 2001 when SAI partnered with the global union federation, the ITGLWF, to convene worker study circles in 9 countries on 3 continents, including India, Lesotho, Thailand, and Honduras. At the time he served as Education Secretary for the ITGLWF. Although gentle in nature, Mr. Gopal was forceful with his convictions- he empowered workers and SAI staff with his dynamism and inspirational pedagogy. Since that Ford-funded project, Mr. Gopal worked with SAI and SAAS as an esteemed advisor, accreditation auditor and complaints investigator. >>Read more

A tribute to Raja Gopal is also available through the ITGLWF: http://bit.ly/lNVDhs

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