Holiday Reading, Upcoming Webinars, and 2013 Opportunities with Clean Edge

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Bring in the New Year with Unparalleled Market Insights and Branding Opportunities

Looking for some good holiday reading? Want to keep track of hard-hitting and timely topics in 2013 without leaving your desk? Have some budget left in 2012 and planning for your organization’s marketing and research needs in 2013? Clean Edge can help out on all fronts.


If you haven’t read Clean Tech Nation yet, the new book from Clean Edge’s Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder, order it now in time for your holiday reading. With the elections behind us, and forces on both sides of the debate armed for battle, it’s time to uncover how the U.S. can remain a significant clean-tech leader. Order your copy now and see why Forbes called it “a reader-friendly explanation of the stakes playing out in the clean tech space. The conclusion is loud, clear and brought home with the subtlety of a sledgehammer – you have skin in the clean tech game (and so does everyone else).”

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