Ethical Markets - R SRI/ESG News

The Henderson-Schumacher Library at Ethical Markets Media hosted a meeting of SRI pioneers to mentor emerging leaders in SRI, co-convened with Ethical Markets’ Advisory Board member Susan Davis, president of Capital Missions.

From November 18-20, 2011, the international group engaged in a 2 ½ day conversation on Transforming Finance 2.0, picking up from the Transforming Finance meeting held the previous year.

Participants in attendance:

Ben Bingham, 3 Sisters Capital

Katherine Collins, Honeybee Capital

Susan Davis, Capital Missions Company,USA andEcuador

Amy Domini, Domini Social Investments

Alisa Gravitz, Green America

Joyce Haboucha, Rockefeller & Co.

Hazel Henderson, Ethical Markets Media

Wendy Holding, Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge

Alan Kay, author, founder of Autex

Leland Lerhman, Fund Balance, LLC

Christopher Lindstrom, Slow Money Institute

Terry Mollner, Trusteeship Institute, Inc.

Ann Partlow, Earthrise Capital

Kathleen Paylor, Conscious Capital

Rosalinda Sanquiche, Ethical Markets Media

Wayne Silby, Calvert Group,Beijing

Sarah Stranahan, New Economy Network

Katie Teague, Storm Cloud Media

Stuart Valentine, Centerpoint Investment Strategies

Georgette Wong, Take Action! Impact Investing

Other participants:

Jane Ambachtsheer of Mercer International,Canada

Rinaldo Brutoco, World Business Academy

John Fullerton, Capital Institute

Matthew Kiernan, founder of Innovest and Inflection Point Capital, Canada

Charly and Lisa Kleissner, KL Felicitas Foundation

Alice Tepper Marlin, president, SA International

Chandran Nair, Global Institute for Tomorrow,Hong Kong

Nick Parker, founder and chair, Cleantech,Canada

Steve Schueth, First Affirmative Financial Network

Don Shaffer, RSF Social Finance

Tessa Tennant, founder of ASrIA,Hong Kong

Michaela Walsh, founder, Women’s World Banking

Bob Zevin, Zevin Asset Management

Building on the Transforming Finance initiative and statement of 2010 that finance is part of the global commons and must return to serving people, their communities and the Earth, the group committed to continue their pioneering reforms, collaborating across disciplines, institutions and generations.

Katie Teague of Storm Cloud Media videotaped Hazel Henderson in dialogue with many of the participants, creating nine new TV programs which will air on www.ethicalmarkets.tv.  Topics include the politics of money, bypassing Wall Street, cooperation over competition, the future of SRI, reforming Fannie and Freddie, transitioning to the global green economy and bold initiatives to reform banking.