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Monitoring Progress on Energy and Ecodevelopment

Website 2.0

helio International would like to welcome all of our members to visit the redesigned website! Rediscover the NGO’s guiding principles and mission, consult our most recent publications, and gain insight into the set of TIPEE indicators that are currently implemented in the Energy, Ecodevelopment and Resilience in Africa project.

Overview of World Energy Production

Non-hydro renewable energy has gained momentum in the world electricity generation mix in percentage terms, contributing 1,7% in 2003 and 4,7% in 2012. Fossil fuel-based power plants have maintained a steady contribution to the world electricity supply. To replace these polluting technologies in the generation mix, more support must go to the deployment of renewable energy generation and energy efficiency initiatives throughout the world. Energy expert, Bernard Chabot  graphically demonstrates via a slide show, the evolution of the electric power industry across the world.

Community Distributed Generation

l’Institut de la Francophonie  pour le Développement Durable has published areport that details the opportunities and challenges for the development of decentralised renewable energy solutions throughout the Francophone world. 

Lessons from Warsaw

In this article, Attac France members highlight the fundamental gap when consolidating efforts to confront climate issues.  Based on the outcome in Warsaw, the article stresses the need for more leadership especially leading up to the meeting in paris in 2015. 

Smart Meter Debunked

Do you have any reservations about the privacy issues associated with the deployment of smart meters? Click here to watch a Youtube video that discusses the new paths of potential problems of smart meters.


Enercoop in France

This energy cooperative in France continues to support the deployment of renewable energy and a clean energy future for its consumers. Find out more in Enercoop’s newsletter.  

Beyond the Fire Age

Walt Patterson has written a vivid description of our ancestral heritage and model of using energy in the name of progress since the very beginning. This well documented evolutionary account of history is a “must read”.

African Clean Energy Corridor 

IRENA is in the process of coordinating a large regional transmission grid infrastructure project with an aim of connecting renewable energy. More details can be found in this article by Sustainable Business News. 

Media at Fukushima

Ecowatch published an article on the Japanese government’s suppression of free press documenting the current state of the crippled Fukushima site. Will the public stay informed of the current situation without the media? Will the government follow  through with enforcement?

Survey on Indicators

La Coalition française de l’Action mondiale contre le pauvreté is conducting a survey on your thoughts about the use of indicators to measure poverty, inequality, the environment, quality of institutions and stakeholder engagement. If your organisation uses indicators or you would like participate in the discussion, please provide your input.  

The 2015 Post e-Magazine

The United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service provides an online magazine full of resources for following discussions of the Sustainable Development Goals in the post 2015 development agenda. 

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