Health and Social Services Mutuals and Cooperatives

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Newsletter – September 24, 2014

Health and Social Services Mutuals and Cooperatives

En route to innovation!

On October 9 Jean-Pierre Girard, Expert Advisor at Productions LPS, will unveil a brand-new global report on the health and social services industry. Today he has agreed to share a handful of examples of cooperatives that use innovation to improve access to health care in an exclusive interview. Read the interview…

Global Competition, Subsidiary Development and Intercooperation

Understanding World-Class Cooperatives

How can cooperatives and mutuals take advantage of international opportunities? The Summit will ask Howard Brodsky, Co-Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of CCA Global Partners, a cooperative with more than 3,000 locations in four countries and aggregated sales in excess of $10 billion. Learn more…

Workshop: Is Our Cooperative a Progressive Business?

Save the date: October 8, 2014, at 2 p.m.

Much effort has been made to make businesses more sustainable and socially responsible. The Summit spoke with André Coupet, Senior Consulting Partner at Paris Montréal Conseil, about the concept of progressive businesses, their strategic thinking processes, and the self-assessment available to participants. Read the interview…

The Cooperative Spirit in Action

Discover Agropur Through its Management Practices

With its 3,455-odd dairy farmer members, the Agropur cooperative processes more than 3.4 billion litres of milk annually at its 32 plants in north america. In this article, Agropur explains its approach to associative life. Learn more…



Cooperative and Popular Banks

Local Engines for Global Growth

Through a series of case studies, a new CIBP report describes the governance of cooperative and popular banks, the principles that guide CIBP members and the impact they have on the real economy. Learn more…

Cooperative Innovations in China and the West

Understanding the Differences and the Resemblance to Foster Development

Important economic and social transformations have led to radical innovations in the governance and capital structures of cooperatives, both in the West and in china. Differences may remain, but interesting convergences are also apparent. Learn more…

Nine Ways to Work with Cooperatives in Other Countries

Doing Business Internationally

In New Zealand, some cooperatives serve their member-owners well through trading internationally, either exporting locally produced goods or importing items their members need. Can your cooperative engage with coops in other countries and, by doing so, do better business? Learn more…

Discover Quebec City!

Virtual Visit #23: Îlot des Palais

The palace of the intendant of New France was the seat of economic, social, and legal power in the colony. A visit to Îlot des Palais is a great way to get a grasp of our history, from the 14th century to the present day. Learn more…