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Congo is always on my mind! “I was not a world-renowned public health specialist or a government official. All I had was an idea, a couple of friends, and a passion to see something—no matter how small—change. On International Women’s Day, we launched Congolese Girls Coalition…”by Nabami_ | Democratic Republic of Congo 
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Talk to Her, Hold Her Hand
“My mum was stigmatised; she had no shoulder to cry on. It led to her isolating herself from the community which claimed she had killed my father with infection (he died in 2002 before my mum)… If the community talked to her, held her hand, she could be a beautiful story today…” by Amonge | Kenya
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Lost in Space – Oh G!!!
“Because I have understood what it felt like to be challenged because of the size of my breasts and the shape of my body, I challenge NASA to find a way to create the most empowering space suit for women with G cups like me to find a way to get to space…”

by Nicole Joseph Chin | Trinidad & Tobago

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