GTI Perspective: Global Corporate Charter

kristy SRI/ESG News, Global Citizen

We are pleased to share “When the World Rules Corporations: Pathway to a G lobal Corporate Charter”, the fifth in our series of occasional short papers, GTI Perspectives on Critical Issues.

When the World Rules Corporations: Pathway to a Global Corporate Charter

The ascent of transnational corporations poses fundamental questions of accountability, regulation and democratic process. Although their footprints cross continents, TNCs still operate under legal licenses granted by national or state authority. In order to rectify the incongruence between global impacts and state control, and to align corporate behavior with social and ecological purpose, we propose a World Corporate Charter Organization. By defining the obligations of TNCs, global charters would balance the current emphasis of international institutions, such as the World Trade Organization, on TNC rights. With public concern about corporate power on the rise, the moment is propitious for establishing transnational governance of transnational corporations, a precondition for attaining just and sustainable societies. Full Report

The Great Transition Initiative is an international network working for a planetary civilization rooted in solidarity, sustainability, and human well-being. With this long-term goal our frame of reference, GTI Perspectives assess pressing near-term policy questions.

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