Greentech VC in March Comes in Like a Lion

kristy Greentech

Greentech VC in March Comes in Like a Lion
And caps an absolutely ferocious first quarter in green VC investments.

How Real Can U.S. Offshore Wind Get?
The Google-backed Atlantic Wind Connection is making it very real by moving ahead on transmission for offshore wind’s first 7,000 megawatts.

Who is Growing in Solar?
China, says Brian Micciche, president of equipment maker Komax Solar. But contract manufacturers are ramping up, too — in a way that could bring about fundamental changes in the solar industry.

The UK FIT: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
The April issue of PVNews explores the growth of solar in the U.K., the role the country’s feed-in tariff has played in fueling demand, and how reduced incentives would affect the market.

The Cleantech Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Schneider Electric Buys Another One: SmartLink Network Systems
March Acquisition Madness goes into April.

Desalination Without the Ocean
Tapered flow techniques can dramatically cut the cost of turning brackish water into something drinkable.

SolFocus and Bechtel Install 1 MW of CPV on a Pistachio Farm
A flurry of recent CPV news, from technology improvements to real megawatt-scale projects.

Beginning of the End for Ascent CIGS PV?
New CEO, a reduction in staff and a new market focus. It doesn’t bode well.