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Editor’s Note    

by Cliff Feigenbaum, Founder, GreenMoney 

It is good to be back. Justin Conway of Calvert Foundation served as Guest Editor of July’s special edition of GreenMoney Journal, which featured “The Millennials Perspective” on impact investing, sustainable business and more. The collection of insightful articles from five millennial leaders drew a lot of positive attention, and rightfully so. We were especially pleased to see the July issue set new records for traffic to If you missed it, you can still read all the July articles here.

This August issue features long-time friend and colleague Hal Brill, with whom I co-wrote a book with many years ago. Hal gives us an early preview of his forthcoming book, “The Resilient Investor.” Joining Hal is another long time friend and mentor, Hazel Henderson, who shares a growing solution to our planet’s water challenges – saltwater agriculture, and why investors should be paying attention. Joel Solomon updates us on the high impact investment funds from Renewal, and finally we have GreenMoney’s eJournal designer and social media consultant, Michelle Mosser of Grace Communications, reflecting on her experiences at the recent Sustainable Brands conference.

That is all for now. Enjoy the rest of summer.


The Resilient Investor: A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money 


Excerpts from the forthcoming book

by Hal Brill, Michael Kramer and
Christopher Peck,
Managing Partners,
Natural Investments


Does the challenge of making informed decisions about your life seem far more complex today than it did even a short time ago? Does the future-yours, and that of the world-feel highly uncertain, perhaps even precarious?

We can sense you there, nodding in agreement. So we need to say right at the outset that you’ve just picked up a book that is not going to tell you what’s going to happen this year, or next. It would certainly be easier to market a book that reveals our “three smart money secrets”-everyone’s a winner! But we can’t in good conscience make that pitch for one simple reason: the future has yet to be written. There are no simple formulas that can be relied upon in this complex and unpredictable world.

The good news is that this (article and the) book offers something that’s even more valuable: a dynamic framework that will help you navigate the stormy times we’re living in. The tools we’re offering are designed to keep you nimble, which you’ll need to be as the ground under our feet continues to shift. Because although we can’t tell you how things will change, we do know that they will change.

To guide your way forward, this book offers a pairing of two central ideas: resiliency, and embracing an expanded view of what it means to “invest.”

The first, resiliency, offers an invaluable set of principles that can guide our decisions in this fast-changing world, keeping us responsive in the decades to come. The second arises from our experience as investment advisors, through which we’ve come to appreciate the pivotal role that investing plays in shaping the wholeness of our lives, and our collective future.

By weaving these two essential themes together, we developed the evolutionary framework that you’re about to learn: resilient investing. It’s designed as a toolkit that helps you to build a life in accordance with your dreams, no matter what the future may bring. With it, you’ll learn how to take action, stand up to uncertainty, and stay flexible.

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On Topic Articles


By Joel Solomon and Rebecca Cuttler, Renewal

The 21st century will see dramatic retooling of the ways we live together on the planet. It’s time to shift capital to the regenerative economy. Renewal Funds is a social venture capital firm that invests in change by supporting businesses at the forefront of social and environmental innovation. I believe that there must be a fundamental reinvention of where and how capital is deployed.  


Desert-Greening:  The Next Big Thing for Green Investors 

By Hazel Henderson, Ethical Markets 

Asset managers and investors are supposed to be rational actors, cranking in all available information leading to efficient markets and optimal resource-allocation. As market failures continue to proliferate and hidden externalities come home to roost, we find that successful investing requires going multi-disciplinary – far beyond narrow economic and financial models.   


By Jamie Evans, Panasonic Eco Solutions 

Where it All Began. In a world where precious natural resources are shrinking and climate threats loom large, actionable steps forward are not only celebrated, but also demanded by an ever growing environmentally-conscious society that knows we cannot afford to wait. Excited to rise to the challenge, many companies have made sustainability a top priority.


By Michelle Mosser, Grace Communications/BrandNature

Over 2000 international attendees sprinted through the Sustainable Brands 2014 Conference where presenters – corporate branders, green consultants and related NGOs – touted their newest sustainability initiatives. Whether spurred by a more socially responsible customer base that is hyper-informed by social media, or facing marketplace pressures, the forerunner global brands at this conference have answered the sustainability call.

On you will find a wide variety of additional articles, as well as our extensive Global Calendar of Sustainability Events.

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