Green Vs. Global Governance | Impeachment Inevitable? | Will Trump Go Maduro?

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February 22, 2019

Climate Change

Sustainability and the Fallacy of Global Governance

Any global effort on climate change is toothless without the cooperation of national governments and their ability to act to support their aims. | By Chandran Nair

Trump and US Democracy

US Vs. Trump: The Evidence Mounts and Mounts

The United States has entered constitutional crisis territory. | By Frank Vogl

US: Will Donald Trump Follow Maduro’s Path?

Washington could be hurtling toward a Venezuela-style disaster, thanks to the utter disregard Donald Trump has for any rules of democracy. | By Alexei Bayer

The Globalist in the Media


Done with Trump’s socialism

Op-ed by Alexei Bayer | February 16, 2019 | Read on TG

In Case You Missed It

Macron at the Barricades

Is it all downhill for President Macron from here on out? The early political fortunes of two other major Western reform politicians – Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton – should provide comfort. | By Denis MacShane

Trump Upping the Ante on US-EU Trade

Will the US and EU find a compromise on trade to avert a head-on clash? | By Holger Schmieding

Poland Is Europe’s Growth Champion. Can This Continue?

Key elements of the Polish success story resemble that of the German post-war economic story, especially relying on social and economic inclusiveness as a driver of economic success. | By Marcin Piatkowski